Rebuilding, buying & selling bronze era Stromberg Carburetors as well as some others brands of the teens & twenties.

Modern needle & seat conversions for all bronze Strombergs, Kingston 4 Ball, Zenith & others.
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Stromberg Model OF for Model T Ford, RF for Model T Ford, LF for Model T Ford,
LB-1, LB-2, OE-1, OS-1, OS-2, OX-2, MX-2, MX-3 & others including U & J, Kingston 4 & 5 ball, Zenith, Rayfield etc. 

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January 2, 2015

I am now back in the shop and have a good stock of OF's to rebuild -- should have several ready to go within the next two or three weeks.  

I now have about 600 or more OF's on the road.  Either ones I rebuilt for other people or ones I rebuilt and sold.  Probably about 50 other models of Stromberg in addition to the OF's and many Zenith, Rayfield and other brands. 

I also have a pretty good stock of other Stromberg models that I can rebuild on order.  I usually have an OE-1 ready to go and quite often an OS-1.  I usually have two or three of these larger side drafts for those of you who are going to one of the new Rajo heads or want more flow on you T.  They run great on a "hopped up" engine. 

I recently rebuilt an OX3 for a car out of the Blackhawk collection in California.  The owner had taken it home after a loan period to the museum and couldn't get it to run correctly.  They sent the carb out for a rebuild and when it came back it still wouldn't run.  They sent it to me, I found a broken off "easy out" in the main jet and JB weld smeared all over the inside of the air intake -- trying to stop an accelerator well leak, I think.  I machined a new venturi tube for it, fixed the main jet and did the rest.  There are some pictures of it on another page.  There are also pictures of some OS-1's that I rebuilt as well as two Rayfield side draft carbs for Model T Fords.  Take a look at all the pages. 

I try to have the following carbs in stock and ready to rebuild but they are hard to find in restorable condition.
OE-1   OS-1   OS-2   OX-2  OX-3  LB-1  M-1  M-2  M-3
Prices are about the same as the OF. 

Rebuilt OF - No core required - $575 + $20 shipping in the US, $50 anywhere else in the world.
Rebuilt OF - with your OF trade in.  $425 + $20 shipping.  


Note that I am not longer using these allen head plugs.  I now make new original style passage plugs and use them.  They do not leak and look more vintage.  This photo is several years old, I need to update it.  

 This is a just finished an OF that is for sale.  It's the first one I've been able to get done to sell for awhle.  It's a nice one and is ready to go in a box and go to you.  Total rebuild, new needle and seat, throttle shaft and bushings, good float, test run on an engine and initial adjustments made etc., etc. I am now using Silicon Bronze for the throttle shafts that should outlast any T.  A couple years ago, I switched to an even better needle and set design for more positive action of the float mechanism in the float cap, making for better running.  Cost for a rebuilt OF with no trade is $575 + $20 shipping in the US via Priority Mail, $40 shipping anywhere else in the world via US Priority Mail International.  I have shipped them to England, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Argentina with no problems  This also includes a reprint of the original Stromberg installation and instruction manual which has additional pages of info on adjusting for best running and mileage. 

JANUARY 24TH, 2010.


These are not for sale.  They were rebuild jobs and have been returned. 

Three rebuilt and ready to go.  Notice the difference between the designs.  The lower right has the "Gas cleaner," the other two do not.  The gas cleaner was the earlier of the two designs.  

This is a site dedicated to the Stromberg OF accessory carburetor built for the Model T Ford between 1919 & 1925.  However, I also rebuild other models of Stromberg carburetors as well as other brass carburetors of the same era. I can  rebuild most other models of bronze Stromberg carbs, I need to know the Model number or letter. I have done a lot of OE's, OX-2's, OS-1 & 2's and many others.

I offer rebuilding service, sales of rebuilt carburetors and also manufacture some replacement parts for them.  I manufacture a modern needle and seat set to replace the troublesome needle & seat used in most Stromberg carburetors of the era.  I also manufacture idle jets, sell gaskets and parts, etc.  I can manufacture a needle and seat conversion for virtually any brass era carburetor using a modern Viton tipped needle and brass seat.  I can machine new venturis for the Stromberg & Zenith carbs as well. 

I have well over 1000 carburetors now on the road giving satisfaction.  

I now have in production a needle and seat conversion set for the larger Stromberg carbs.  It comes as a kit and is easy to install, no need to remove the carburetor from the car.  Total time to install should be less than one hour from start to finish.

They are shown on page two.  Scoll down to the bottom of the page.

I have some other Stromberg carbs for sale as well as some duplicates from my Model T Accessory Carburetor collection. 

I also rebuild Holly NH, Kingston 4 Ball, U & J and some others.
See the prices and info page for details.

Please contact me at the address or phone below if you have any questions.  

Stan Howe
4433 Red Fox Dr
Helena, Mt 59602
406-949-3448 cell

Please click on the buttons above to see photos of some rebuilds and parts, click on the prices and information link to go to that page.

Here are some pictures of a recent restoration.  Note the choke stop, this is a new part I am making as most of the old ones are rusted away.  

This one is sold but I have another available that is almost identical to this one. 


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